Author CJ Dunham

Author & Presenter

The Traveler

copyright CRICKET mag., Jan. 2010

Illustrated by Daniel Krall,
CRICKET mag. Jan. 2010

“Wandering around after school one day, Jamie finds herself in an unfamiliar part of town. Lost and with night falling, she follows a white cat up to a ramshackle house filled with valuable antiques. An old man named Eddy lives there, and over tea and cakes, he tells her that he’s a time traveler,” summary from pg. 38, CRICKET magazine,  February 2010.

Is this old man crazy, or is it possible he is what he says? The truth will change Jamie’s life, just as she changes his, in a shocking twist that forever alters time.

Look for this 3-part short story in the January, February, and March 2010 issues of CRICKET magazine! Copies can be ordered at

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  1. Wow, this is in every respect what I nedeed to know.

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