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The Quest for Eloshidii

             A PRINCESS.   A LOST BROTHER.

                4 RIDDLES.    4 DANGEROUS QUESTS.

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With 13  gorgeous, full-page illustrations by Amie Jacobsen, this 26 page hardbound book is a must-have for everyone’s library. It is an exciting “read-to” story for ages 6 through 10, yet the story concept enthralls readers of all ages. The rich symbolism of devotion, determination, and true friendship makes it a favorite among adults. It is truly a book with no boundries–ages 6 to 106!

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Connie Martin’s performance was mesmerizing. She is a natural storyteller, very talented. Ms. Martin performed for our fifth grade students and everyone was enthralled in the story. Not very many people can keep their attention for fifty minutes. She truly brought the story to life,” Jennifer McCall, teacher.

Everything was fabulous! The kids were truly engaged in your wonderful storytelling! Thank you!” Ms. Muehibach, teacher.

To Whom It May Concern, Connie Martin was a delight to have at our school. Not only did she share her story, she performed the story which entertained and enchanted everyone watching. Our students were attentive and engaged during the presentation and remained interested long after it was over. I would certainly love to have Connie Martin visit our school again and wholeheartedly recommend her services to others,” Darin Davis, 2nd grade teacher.

The students were highly engage during Mrs. Martin’s performance,” Mrs. Bunger, librarian.

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