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The Crying Chandelier



“Like a young saint seeing her first vision, Carolyn gazed at the glorious window. It was hypnotic, the effect of this scene, as the colors streamed off the glass medium and poured down on her. Red, yellow, and green light, thick as liquid, flowed over her. It felt as if color itself was soaking through her skin. At first it was beautiful, enchanting, and then it–moved.

“She watched in horror as the glass woman’s face turned, looked down, and locked its gaze on her. Blood drained out of Carolyn’s head when the glass lips moved—they moved!—and mouthed,   “You . . . are . . . mine!”

Excerpt from The Crying Chandelier, the Faery Mask.

Carolyn Marie Ashe is a twenty year old handicapped artist living in 1918 St. Louis. She escapes her cruel mother only to find herself in the grasp of something even worse—and inhuman.

Zach, a young, bitter World War I vet becomes her only hope of escape. He is scarred not only from battle, but also from a dark secret in his past. The last thing he wants to deal with is a “delusional” girl who could get him canned.

How will a mortal girl—a cripple at that—escape an immortal monster?

The Crying Chandelier is a story about the ultimate entrapment and triumph of the human soul. A clean yet passionate romance, this novel offers a unique and thrilling twist on the classic ghost story.

Represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Lit. Agency.

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